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Walter Karopczyc
Co-Chairman and Founder 

Walter Karopczyc is the Co-Chairman, CEO and Founder of InfoPlus, responsible for the overall direction and performance of the company.

At the very heart of the InfoPlus mission, is Walt's insight that corporate IT/Communications departments have a tremendous need for accurate, easy-to-obtain information about their communications systems; information that could help them manage this critical component of their business and make better, more timely decisions. The InfoPlus suite of information tools was developed to help corporations manage their telecom assets, measure performance, assess security risks and ensure business continuity.

Embraced by the marketplace as the premier provider of cloud-based communications information tools, the success InfoPlus has experienced over the last 20+ years is testament to the fundamental soundness of Walt's vision, as well as a well-earned reputation under his stewardship for service, integrity, innovation and value.

Prior to founding InfoPlus in 1990, Walt headed the Center for Communications Analysis and Design, and was the president of Xtend - a subsidiary of Computoll specializing in bringing the power of personal computers to telecom management. Early in his career, he held various sales and marketing positions with New York Telephone.

Walt is a graduate of CW Post College of LIU, where he holds a B.A. degree in Psychology, and was a member of the National Psychology Honor Society.  He also served and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force.

Laurie S. Mandy
Co-Chairman and CFO 

Laurie Mandy is the Co-Chairman and CFO of InfoPlus, overseeing all the administrative, HR, and financial functions of the company.  As co-founder, Laurie has contributed to the growth and success of InfoPlus since her entry in 1991. She was instrumental in developing many of the key partner relationships as well as building the administrative and financial infrastructure that serves the company today.

Laurie's contribution, however, can be seen most clearly in the company's commitment to its staff. Dedicated to people-centered management principles, Laurie's insistent focus has created a culture of respect, integrity and potential, where employees thrive and customers are well served.

Prior to joining InfoPlus, Laurie was a Major Account Manager at Jackson Voice Data, Director of Marketing at Contel Systems and Director of Sales-Eastern US for Fujitsu Business Communications and Exxon Office Systems.  Laurie holds a B.A. degree from the University of Miami in English, Education and Theatre.  She is passionate about helping women succeed in business, and has been a featured speaker at the CareerBuilder series 'Careers for Women'.

Brett Karopczyc
Head of Software Development 

Brett Karopczyc has been leading the Software Development and Information Technology teams at InfoPlus since 1997, after receiving his B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University. As is common in the IT world, he's had to become proficient in dozens of new technologies, programming languages, networking concepts, and enterprise applications to help grow the company from its early beginnings. From establishing the company's first database and email servers, to bringing the first InfoPlus reports to the web, and continuing to enhance the suite of online tools and services, Brett has played a key role in shaping the entire InfoPlus portfolio.

Marguerite Rieder

Controller and VP of Human Resources 

Marguerite Rieder has served as Controller and Vice President of Human Resources at InfoPlus since 2008.  She is responsible for all accounting functions including cash management and expense control, as well as personnel administration for the company.

Prior to joining InfoPlus, Marguerite held management positions in both Finance and Human Resources at Citicorp and Shrink Packaging Systems, and as an independent consultant, provided analytic support to various fund management firms.

Marguerite holds an MBA degree in Finance from Fordham University and a BS degree in Accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She continues to enhance her professional education through Employers Association of New Jersey courses and is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management.