• Overview

    Accurate information about your communications system - always at your fingertips

    How many times are we forced to wait for information needed to make a timely communications decision?  Have you ever asked yourself the question, 'Why is this so difficult?'

    InfoPlus has the Solution

    GuardianService® is a bundle of our most popular services, consisting of a SourceBook, a Site Survey (with Factory Support Analysis) and a system Backup.  We offer this collection of key services at reduced prices and make it available to you on the consistent schedule of your choice - quarterly, monthly or even on-demand.

    GuardianService® will ensure that you, your management and your entire staff always have the most current information available to manage your ever-changing communications resources.

    The right information - at all times.

    Download the InfoPlus GuardianService® brochure.

  • InfoPlus GuardianService® includes:

    Inventory/Asset Management - the InfoPlus Site Survey provides a full inventory of your system, including port counts, licenses and a Manufacturer Support Analysis.

    Configuration - the InfoPlus SourceBook is a graphical, easy-to-read report showing the configuration and capabilities of your Avaya or Heritage Nortel system.

    Backup/Disaster Recovery - remote, cross-platform database backups accessible 24/7/365 via the web.