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    Professional Communications management requires a professional approach to backing up your communication system's vital data.

    InfoPlus Backup can help Avaya and Heritage Nortel enterprise users implement enterprise-wide disaster recovery routines with minimal cost and fuss. Using proprietary collection routines, InfoPlus can provide remote, web-based binary database backups for all of your Avaya and Heritage Nortel systems - all with zero on-site technical support and absolutely no impact to your network.

    Imagine your communications system experiencing a disk failure or worse - and you don't have a backup of the data describing each key, feature, set, and trunk.  How would you rebuild the system?  How would you answer for the unnecessary and costly interruption to your business?  

    Now - what's your level of confidence in your current backup solution?  Do you know where the data is?  Do you know how current the data is?  Can you verify your beliefs without leaving your desk?

    The InfoPlus Backup services provides a real solution for every one of these questions, and more. 

    Download the InfoPlus Backup brochure.

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  • InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ®

    "Three Birds - One Stone"

    Backup/Disaster Recovery is also included in the InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ® - a bundle of our most popular services. Attractively priced, GuardianServiceĀ® delivers the information and protection you need on a regular basis.  Learn more...