• Overview

    InfoPlus Site Surveys tell you what you have,
    where you have it, and its support level.

    The InfoPlus Site Survey is a technical document, providing a complete inventory of manufacturer supplied hardware and software purchased from Avaya or Nortel, and resident within your communications systems. From card type to board level firmware, right down to revision releases, the InfoPlus Site Survey provides an accurate accounting of all PBX resources, used and spare.

    Just as communication systems have become more complex, so has the survey process. Often, the communication server's software can yield inaccuracies that may incorrectly inflate maintenance costs, or certain components within your system may have been declared "end-of-life" and may no longer be covered by the standard maintenance contract.

    At InfoPlus, we've developed several proprietary port/license count analyses, quality assurance routines and support analyses that ensure the most accurate and comprehensive survey possible, giving you the information you need to manage your PBX resources.

    Download the InfoPlus Site Survey brochure.


    As with all InfoPlus reports for the Avaya platform, the Site Survey is a recipient of the Avaya DevConnect Compliance Award and is fully compatible with the Aura Communication Manager.

  • Download a Sample of the InfoPlus Site Survey Here: