Online Services

  • Overview

    Information that really matters - standard with all InfoPlus Services

    The InfoPlus Online Database could be your most powerful ally when it comes to having the information you need to make smart communications management decisions at your literal fingertips.

    A Truly Dynamic Tool

    The InfoPlus Online Database is a dynamic tool, allowing you to play 'what if' and providing the information and insight you need to take action. 

    Have you ever asked yourself questions such as:

    • How many of my systems are Release 5 or lower?
    • How many of my Nortel systems have less than 2% spare digital Line Ports?
    • Which of my Avaya systems has a Factory Support Impact of 'high'?

    With the InfoPlus Online Database, answers to your most pressing and important communications questions are provided 'on the spot'.

    Suggests the Next Step

    In addition, every report that InfoPlus produces contains 'Action Items' - proactive suggestions where opportunities may exist for improved services, cost reductions or system efficiency.  It's like having the power of an entire communications department available to help you make smarter, faster decisions.  The more complete your selection of InfoPlus Services, the more data is available for use as an actionable item.

    The power of the InfoPlus Online Database is the power of information at your fingertips.

  • Learn More About Our Services

    Inventory/Asset Management - the InfoPlus Site Survey provides a full inventory of your system, including port counts, licenses and a Manufacturer Support Analysis.

    Configuration - InfoPlus’ two Configuration services are graphical, easy-to-read reports showing the configuration and capabilities of either your Avaya or Heritage Nortel call processing systems, or Avaya’s Session Manager.

    Performance/Traffic Studies - identify opportunities to reduce costs while pre-engineering IP bandwidth requirements for VoIP and SIP migrations.

    Security - the InfoPlus Security Audit is the industry's most comprehensive analysis of potential risks and manufacturer 'best practice' security recommendations.

    Backup/Disaster Recovery - remote, cross-platform database backups accessible 24/7/365 via the web.