• Two Configuration Services: SourceBook and Session Manager Book

    It’s not enough to know what you have – you need to know how it’s put together.

    How something is configured makes all of the difference in the world.  Configured incorrectly and the device will fail to fully satisfy the purpose for which it was intended.  In today’s communications systems there are hundreds, or thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of data points within a configuration – all hidden away in multiple databases.  So, in order to ensure proper communications system operation, the question becomes “How can one verify a communications system’s configuration?”.

    InfoPlus Services:

    • Our services start with documentation.  We tell you how everything is configured, with easy to read reports, and graphics when appropriate. 
    • Then we add value by explaining the data, eliminating jargon in the process.
    • We analyze the data, looking for omissions or inconsistencies that could affect the system’s performance.
    • And lastly, our Action Items section identifies all of the uncovered items that, when addressed, would improve system performance, reduce costs and make your system that much easier to manage in the future.

    SourceBookDSWith more than 30 reports and analyses ranging from detailed station templates to equipment maps, the InfoPlus SourceBook provides a complete documentation of Avaya and heritage Nortel Communications servers – right down to the buttons on each set.

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    SessionManagerDSThe Session Manager Book documents, analyzes and graphically depicts the programming of your Avaya Session Manager. Domains, Locations, SIP Entities, Adaptations, Time Ranges and Routing Policies are all captured, organized and presented. And all information, from both services, is presented in a format that's easy to read and understand.

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