• Benefits - Session Manager Book

     There is no utility that neatly presents all Session Manager call routing, from all locations - until now!

    The Solution (Part I): Clear, Comprehensive Documentation

    “You can’t manage what you don’t know exists,” is a common InfoPlus saying. So the InfoPlus Session Manager Book paints a detailed and well-diagrammed picture of Session Manager. Domains, Locations, SIP Entities, Adaptations, Time Ranges, and Routing Policies are all captured, organized, and presented - textually and graphically.

    SIP Routing Diagram

    The Solution (Part II): Added Value

    Session Manager’s User Interface (UI) seriously lacks the capability to provide insight into a system’s global configuration.  In fact, we wonder how anyone (with the possible exception of Session Manager’s developers) could begin to confidently modify an existing system without our invaluable documentation.  It puts together all of the bits of information needed to present the complete picture.

     Routing Policy Example

    The Solution (Part III): Actionable Analysis

    In the real world, IT Managers need answers to two basic questions:  “Which SIP Entities in my network handle calls of a particular type?” and, conversely: “What types of calls are being sent to each SIP Entity?” Add Time-of-day routing, Tail End Hop Off and Alternate Fallback options on top of these basic questions, and you are almost sure to be trapped in a maze of uncertainty. Once again, the Session Manager Book is at your service. For example, for each defined Dial Pattern and Regular Expression, the Session Manager Book indicates the SIP Entities that could handle that call, the percentage of time each SIP Entity is the First Choice in call routing, and its Average Selection Order. The key benefit: hidden routing anomalies now become apparent.

    The Solution (Part IV): Exceptions Pinpointed

    We summarize things we think you should know about.  To more easily maintain effective enterprise-wide Network Routing, our Action Items section highlights inconsistent or questionable Network Routing Policy programming.



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