• Overview - SourceBook

    It’s not enough to know what you have – you need to know how it’s put together.

    The InfoPlus SourceBook is a complete documentation of Avaya and Heritage Nortel communications systems detailed down to the trunking, firmware, software, even describing every button of each telephone set, presented in a format that's easy to read and understand.

    More than just a "data dump", the InfoPlus SourceBook also provides "Action Item" analyses that can help you improve service and better manage the communications infrastructure.  The InfoPlus SourceBook is also compliant with the latest Avaya FCE architecture, and presents programming information by 'Location', making it easier for administrators to manage 'redundant', geographically-distributed communication server networks.

    In addition, the Infoplus Sourcebook contains the industry's most comprehensive Call Vectoring documentation, providing information on Vector Director Numbers (VDNs), Vector commands, Vector Variables and Vector Routing Tables.

    Download the InfoPlus SourceBook brochure.

    As with all InfoPlus reports for the Avaya platform, the SourceBook is a recipient of the Avaya DevConnect Compliance Award and is fully compatible with the Aura Communication Manager.

  • Download a Sample of the InfoPlus SourceBook Here: