• Features - SourceBook

    Every SourceBook contains dozens of reports that document your PBX system, including:

    • Station Information (station graphics, pickup groups, intercom directories, ACD assignments, Speed Call lists, Hunt Groups, Coverage Paths)
    • Directories (extensions, alphabetical, DES, MARP, phantom)
    • Trunking Information (routes, route lists, calling privileges, Restricted Call Lists)
    • Call Vectoring (comprehensive documentation, descriptions and action items for the call vectoring function)
    • System Information (port counts, IP zones, equipment assignments, cabinet layouts, Voice Mail)
    • MAC activity reports
    • Action Items (we look for, and highlight, areas where service can be improved or costs reduced)
    • Down-loadable and 'searchable' as a PDF document


    The Most Complete System Documentation Available

    The InfoPlus SourceBook is a single source for information about your communication system.  From station information (station graphics, ACD assignments, Hunt Groups, Coverage Paths, Intercom Directories and Pick-up Groups) to Trunking Information (Restricted Call Lists, calling privileges, routes and route lists), the SourceBook provides a level of detail about your system that can help improve service through better management of the infrastructure.

    Includes Call Vectoring Documentation

    The InfoPlus SourceBook now provides extensive documentation, descriptions and action items for Call Vectoring.

    Virtually every business today relies on the ability to automatically direct incoming phone calls to an appropriate destination. From a simple holiday greeting to all callers to the sophisticated conditional treatment and redirection required in a call center environment, call vectoring is critical to providing an excellent and effective level of service.

    The InfoPlus SourceBook includes valuable documentation for Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs), Vector commands, Vector Variables and Vector Routing Tables.  Of significant importance is the 'plain English' translation of each vector instruction, allowing administrative personnel to ensure their intended call flow designs were properly implemented in the call vector function, without the need to know 'vector speak'.

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