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  • We Take Security Seriously.

    To InfoPlus, the topic of security has many different components.  They are the security of: our infrastructure, your data, the communication system used and system access.  Each of these aspects is important in establishing confidence in our dedication to protecting vital corporate data for our customers and for ourselves.


    Infrastructure Security

    InfoPlus takes the responsibility of hosting our customers' information seriously. We have made extensive infrastructure preparations in order to be responsive 24/7/365 to whatever emergency needs may arise for our customers including:

    • Access to our servers is strictly limited to authorized personnel only.
    • Redundant servers which ensure no down-time in our processing capability.
    • An InfoPlus-owned natural gas-supplied generator, providing us an uninterrupted supply of electrical power.
    • Multi-homed fiber optic IP facilities from different carriers to ensure our customers complete access to their data
    • All IP facilities are 'pinged' periodically throughout each day.
    • A complete, spare communications system, with duplicates of all components (not just the critical ones), in the event of a complete communications system failure.

    Data Security

    InfoPlus is extremely proud of the reputation we have earned providing the highest level of security for our customers' information.  We have set strict security standards, including daily remote location backup procedures, and rigorous password protocols.  Also, with the understanding that we have been entrusted with confidential and proprietary information, the InfoPlus culture of integrity has won the trust and respect of customers for over 20+ years, and will continue to do so in the future.

    Communications System Security

    While InfoPlus is not in control of the communication system used to access any given communication server (whether it is conventional dialup, VPN or Avaya's SAL), we nonetheless adhere to the manufacturer's suggested security recommendations.

    System Access Security

    InfoPlus requires only a 'read only' Level 1 access or an SAT Login with Shell Access and access to list Status and Display Commands to perform our services.  Restricting our access to 'read only' and/or its equivalent assures that InfoPlus cannot makes changes or cause deletions to system data.  This protocol offers both InfoPlus and its customers a much greater sense of confidence and security.