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  • Overview

    The InfoPlus Traffic Study gives the critical information you need.

    We know you don't have time to sift through a hundred pages of spreadsheets full of meaningless data, when all you want to do is right-size your trunking. That's why the InfoPlus Traffic Study provides only the critical data you need to engineer TDM, VoIP and SIP trunking facilities, manage console operators, assess DSP resources and balance overall network traffic - in plain, customer-friendly language.

    We also offer The InfoPlus Aggregate Bandwidth Tool, a dynamic, web-based utility that complements the InfoPlus Traffic Study. It allows Avaya and Heritage Nortel enterprise users to explore "what-if" scenarios to determine IP bandwidth engineering requirements for both TDM and IP-based voice traffic.

    Download the InfoPlus Traffic Study brochure.


    As with all InfoPlus reports for the Avaya platform, the Traffic Study is a recipient of the Avaya DevConnect Compliance Award and is fully compatible with the Aura Communication Manager.

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    Performance/Traffic Study Videos

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    Demo (duration 11:34)