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  • Aggregate Bandwidth Tool

    The InfoPlus Aggregate Bandwidth Tool is a dynamic, web-based utility that complements the InfoPlus Traffic Study. It allows Avaya and Heritage Nortel enterprise users to explore "What-if" scenarios to determine IP bandwidth engineering requirements for both TDM and IP-based voice traffic. You can:

    • Determine WAN bandwidth requirements for future migrations to SIP, transitioning TDM TIE circuits to VoIP, or evaluating site-to-site calls through the PSTN that will be moved to VoIP via your WAN.
    • Reduce costs and right-size current IP facilities.
    • Generate post-VoIP migration assessments.
    • Monitor bandwidth requirements on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with voice quality service level agreements.

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    View Samples

    You can explore a sample version of the Aggregate Bandwidth Tool to get a better understanding of its capabilities. When you order an InfoPlus Traffic Study with IP Trunking Analysis, the online tool is populated with the actual raw data from the Traffic Study, giving you an accurate estimate of the bandwidth requirements.

    You can also download samples of the accompanying Traffic Studies for both the Avaya and Heritage Nortel platforms.

    How Does It Work?

    The InfoPlus Aggregate Bandwidth Tool is available as an optional InfoPlus Traffic Study feature. Avaya and Heritage Nortel enterprise users with this option enabled can gain access to the tool through a link provided via email and in their most recent InfoPlus Traffic Study.

    How Do I Order It?

    To add the InfoPlus Aggregate Bandwidth Tool to your next Avaya or Heritage Nortel Traffic Study, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll start the process today.

  • Download a Sample of the InfoPlus Traffic Study:

    Explore a Demo of the InfoPlus Aggregate Bandwidth Tool:

    Access the InfoPlus Traffic Calculator Tool:

    Performance/Traffic Study Videos

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