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  • Benefits

    Having the right information at your fingertips to manage the performance of your communication systems has many benefits, among them:

    • Reduce costs by right-sizing your trunking
    • Improve service by ensuring there are sufficient internal resources to serve today's and tomorrow's needs.
    • Determine bandwidth requirements before TDM to VoIP and SIP migrations and major upgrades with no need for on-site engineering support.
    • Justify expenditures with your executive management team.
    • Fund innovation and upgrades through cost savings from improved system efficiencies
    • Action Items section provides an executive summary

    Control Expenses while Maintaining Service Levels

    These are the two factors involved in optimizing the performance of your PBX systems; too few trunks and call service suffers, too many trunks and you are paying far more in monthly phone company charges than necessary. The InfoPlus Traffic Study organizes and presents this critical data clearly, with easy-to-read graphs, and charts, allowing you to make accurate trunking decisions with ease.

    Determine Bandwidth Requirement for VoIP/SIP migrations

    An absolutely critical component to the successful planning of a VoIP/SIP migration is determining the pre-engineering bandwidth requirementsAccurately calculating the bandwidth demands that will be placed on your IP facility will help to reduce your resource, engineering and maintenance costs.  The InfoPlus Traffic Study includes an online traffic analysis tool, the InfoPlus Aggregate Bandwidth Tool, which allows you to dynamically explore the network bandwidth required to support the voice traffic measured during the course of the Traffic Study.

    Fund Innovation through Cost Savings

    One of the most beneficial by-products of right-sizing your trunking are the resources made available through operational costs savings and efficiencies.  With the facts provided by the InfoPlus Traffic Study at hand, upgrades and expenditure for innovation can be easily justified and explained.

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