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  • Features

    The InfoPlus Traffic Study has many important features that make it the best performance measurement tool in the industry:

    • Bandwidth usage for each TDM facility for pre-engineering TDM to VoIP and SIP migrations
    • ISA/CBCT trunking analyses
    • Loop/Port network traffic detail
    • Failures to match and dial-tone delay
    • DSP resources
    • Processor capacity
    • Console statistics and analysis - by-hour and by-day
    • Abandoned and delayed calls
    • Full support for multi-location, Avaya FCE networks
    • Action items (we look for and highlight areas where service can be improved or costs reduced)

    The Traffic Study organizes these features, and many more, into the following three report sections:

    Switch Performance

    There are several reports on switch performance, measuring among other things, the balancing of traffic among available resources, the sufficiency of common resources such as Tone Receivers, and even the processor itself.  Generally, these are engineering issues and not directly related to either costs or the quality of service during normal conditions.  However, addressing any issues raised will ensure proper service as your business grows or changes.

    Trunking Analysis

    The second part of the study, the Trunking section, addresses both cost and service.  Too few trunks and service to either internal or outside callers suffers; too many trunks and you are paying far more in monthly telephone company charges than is necessary.  The Traffic Study performs a traffic engineering analysis on the Trunk Groups in your system to assess the need to add or remove trunks.

    Operator Activity & Performance

    This portion of the Traffic Study looks at, by hour, your attendant console staff, the volumes of incoming calls they take, the minutes callers spent waiting and abandoned calls.  This information, presented in clear, easy-to-understand graphs and charts, allows you manage staffing expenses, while ensuring that service is maintained.

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