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  • The InfoPlusĀ® Process

    The InfoPlus process of producing accurate, high-quality reports from your communication system data is efficient, does not interfere with your daily system routines and assures the highest level of security to all parties involved.  Once the proper access information has been provided, InfoPlus will normally complete your reports within 24-48 hours.


    The InfoPlusĀ® Process:

    • You provide InfoPlus with login credentials specific to your connectivity methodology: dialup, VPN or SAL
    • The InfoPlus team tests and validates the remote connectivity to your system
    • A remote connection to your system is established
    • The necessary data is downloaded
    • When the download is complete, InfoPlus terminates the connection
    • InfoPlus processes the collected data offline using proprietary software
    • The reports produced undergo rigorous quality assurance testing
    • The final reports are posted to a secure, SSL-encrypted website - the InfoPlus Online Security Portal
    • Simultaneously, you receive an email with an access link to your completed reports

    Daily System Use Not Interrupted

    To avoid conflicts with daily, routine system maintenance and administration, downloads for most InfoPlus services are initiated between 6pm and 6am, remote system time.  Traffic Studies, however, require that we obtain data hourly for each hour in the study period. Each such connection lasts only 2-3 minutes.