• Overview - Session Manager Book

    When it comes to managing Avaya's Session Manager, we just wrote the book.

    It’s called Session Manager Book, and it’s the industry’s first and only documentation and analysis of Avaya’s Session Manager. No one ever said that Session Manager routing is easy. As a result, many enterprises fall short of realizing the full value of their SIP investment. Some have even created new problems.

    The InfoPlus Session Manager Book changes all that, as it provides more comprehensible access to relevant data and combines it with our proprietary analytics. The result: strategically valuable and actionable information that will verify a system’s configuration, increase understanding, identify inconsistencies or errors, and otherwise help in ensuring that your corporate routing policies are accurately reflected in the Session Manager programming.

    Download the InfoPlus Session Manager Book brochure.

    InfoPlus’ Session Manager Book – without it, how would you know?

    Avay Session Manager Demo

  • Download a Sample of the InfoPlus Session Manger Book Here: