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  • The Professional Approach to Backups

    The InfoPlus Backup System is:

    • Automated - we take the inherent fallibility of manual backups out of the picture
    • Flexible - remote data backups can be scheduled according to your needs
    • Inexpensive - and transparent to the operation of your PBX
    • Consistent - addressing both Heritage Nortel and Avaya systems in a similar fashion
    • Informative - delivering notification of successful or failed backup events
    • Transparent - allowing you to verify the existence and currency of all backup files
    • Complete - maintaining archived backup files, allowing you to revert to an earlier copy 


    Online Access - 24/7/365

    InfoPlus provides for storage and retrieval of your important files at all times, day or night.  In the event of system failure, data corruption or disk drive failure, current backup files can be retrieved from an encrypted, password-protected web portal and uploaded to your PBX, restoring service in just minutes.

    Scheduling Flexibility

    Remote data backup services can be scheduled according to your business needs - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  We can even schedule simultaneous backups across large, multi-site networks to ensure that recovery files are current from one switch to the next, regardless of location.


  • InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ®

    "Three Birds - One Stone"

    Backup/Disaster Recovery is also included in the InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ® - a bundle of our most popular services. Attractively priced, GuardianServiceĀ® delivers the information and protection you need on a regular basis.  Learn more...