• Benefits

    Having timely and accurate communications information available to you exactly when you need it will provide consistent benefits, chief among them:

    • You no longer need to rely on site visits and localized, ad hoc backup procedures to obtain valuable management data.
    • Avoid potential communication server failures.
    • Gain Online access to system information that gives your staff and technicians valuable information when performing remote maintenance and MAC work.
    • Use of a powerful database to re-allocate expensive communications resources across the enterprise
    • Instantly identify service liabilities associated with manufacturer sales life cycle announcements.
    • Provides a single, uniform disaster recovery solution for both Avaya and Heritage Nortel platforms.
    • Take advantage of system management with a common look and feel without requiring system specific knowledge
    • Verify Maintenance Contract quantities with accurate system generated information.
  • InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ® includes:

    Inventory/Asset Management - the InfoPlus Site Survey provides a full inventory of your system, including port counts, licenses and a Manufacturer Support Analysis.

    Configuration - the InfoPlus SourceBook is a graphical, easy-to-read report showing the configuration and capabilities of your Avaya or Heritage Nortel system.

    Backup/Disaster Recovery - remote, cross-platform database backups accessible 24/7/365 via the web.