• Benefits

    The InfoPlus Site Survey will provide you with an accurate and timely inventory of your Avaya or Nortel PBX, and will:

    • Validate port counts to ensure you aren't overpaying for maintenance.
    • Provide consistent format and delivery across both Avaya and Heritage Nortel platforms.
    • Survey systems in as little as two hours without dispatching a technician.
    • Uncover support liability with our InfoPlus Manufacturer Support Analysis.
    • Identify "Action Items" highlighting service improvement opportunities and capacity issues.

    infoplus inventory 2

    Keep Maintenance Costs Low

    The information contained in the InfoPlus Site Survey can have a direct impact on the cost of your maintenance contract, particularly as many organizations have recently experienced major reductions in personnel, and therefore telephones and their supporting infrastructure. The Site Survey's ability to clearly identify unused capacity provides an opportunity to reduce expenses.

    Manage Spare Resources Better

    Equally important, we often see great discrepancies in the percentage of spare resources (such as unused Digital Ports) between one system of an organization and another system. Our ability to identify both used and spare resources will easily allow for the re-allocation of excess spare resources to company locations who may lack them. Preventing the unnecessary purchase of just one line-card easily pays for an entire year of InfoPlus GuardianService.

    Identify Factory Support Issues

    Lastly, identifying critical items of equipment that no longer enjoy factory support should serve as an impetus to engage your support company in conversations intended to assure your organization of continued maintenance regardless of the factory's support rating. The Factory Support Analysis will also assist you in presenting to management the support issues the organization may face if it does not wish to upgrade outdated hardware or software.

  • Download a Sample of the InfoPlus Site Survey Here:

    InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ®

    "Three Birds - One Stone"

    The Site Survey is also included in the InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ® - a bundle of our most popular services. Attractively priced, GuardianServiceĀ® delivers the information and protection you need on a regular basis.  Learn more...