• Features

    The InfoPlus Site Survey is a feature-rich report, supplying a complete inventory of your PBX assets without having to perform this costly and time-consuming task in-house.  Among the features of the Site Survey are:

    • Consistent survey format across Avaya and Nortel platforms
    • Cross-checked port counts including breakouts for equipped, working, spare, phantom and virtual
    • Common and peripheral equipment/cabinet maps in bay-face format
    • Complete inventory of software packages and installed hardware with card types and vintage information
    • IP hardware identification
    • Customized end-of-life analysis
    • Online access via the secure InfoPlus Online Services Portal
    • Information Patch and key code
    • Email notification of report availability
    • General system information such as serial numbers and security IDs
    • Coalesce capabilities from separate licenses


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    Important Life-Cycle Information

    In addition, each InfoPlus Site Survey includes a customized Manufacturer Support Analysis - a robust software and hardware audit based on Avaya/Heritage Nortel sales life cycle information (obtained directly from the manufacturer). InfoPlus software analyzes all of the installed hardware and software components, checks the current support level of each item and applies the appropriate Factory Support Rating.

    Quickly Identify Critical Upgrade Needs

    Some components and their ratings are more critical than others. For example, a set that is no longer supported is not as critical to the operations and support of the system as would be a Processor that is no longer supported. A collection of these individual Ratings and their potential impact on the operation of a system combine to give us an overall Manufacturer Support Rating of "Low", "Medium" or "High" for each individual system - "High" meaning that critical components are no longed being supported by the manufacturer. This allows users to quickly identify critical upgrade needs and prepare migration plans before major support liabilities arise. InfoPlus Manufacturer Support Analyses are dynamic and are continuously updated online even after the initial survey has been completed.


  • Download a Sample of the InfoPlus Site Survey Here:

    InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ®

    "Three Birds - One Stone"

    The Site Survey is also included in the InfoPlus GuardianServiceĀ® - a bundle of our most popular services. Attractively priced, GuardianServiceĀ® delivers the information and protection you need on a regular basis.  Learn more...