infoplus productdetail security

  • Benefits

    Using the InfoPlus Security Audit, enterprise users can easily identify and correct potential security risks that, if left unchecked, may result in unauthorized access to your PBX system.  The benefits to you include:

    • Reduced exposure to unauthorized network access.
    • Consistent format and delivery for both Avaya and Heritage Nortel Communication Servers.
    • Fast Turnaround - each InfoPlus Security Audit can be processed and accessed within five days.
    • Compliance - be sure that system programming is consistent with the latest manufacturer 'best practices' in single or multi-platform networks
    • Identify and assess security risks left behind by previous maintenance providers.
    • No Capital Outlay is necessary to perform a Security Audit.
    • Avaya's Compliance Testing certification

    direct trunk access

  • Download a Sample of the InfoPlus Security Audit Here: