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  • Features

    The Security Audit is a comprehensive document of over 80 reports, each consisting of three basic sections: the analysis that was performed, the security risk inherent in any violations found, and the specific violations, which are highlighted in red.  The report is also easy-to-read, simple to navigate, with a clear Table of Contents, a Glossary, and is down-loadable as a PDF document that can be shared.

    Among the many items analyzed...

    • Administrative Access and System Configuration
    • Stations and Trunking
    • Controlling Calling Privileges
    • Call Routing
    • Mobile Services, Controlling Feature, and Direct Inward System Access
    • Automatic Call Distribution
    • Multi-Tenant Service
    • System Configuration
    • Mailbox Passwords/Mailboxes to Investigate
    • Restriction/Permission Lists
    • Classes of Service
    • Messaging Features and Voice/Fax Services
    • Virtual ACD Agents


  • Download a Sample of the InfoPlus Security Audit Here: