• InfoPlusĀ® Helps American Axle and Manufacturing Recover Thousands of Dollars in Telecommunications Costs

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    September, 2006

    Shared Technologies turned to InfoPlus to assist a new maintenance customer, American Axle, in assessing their trunking facilities at nine different Nortel PBX locations throughout the U.S.  InfoPlus, in turn, performed concurrent traffic studies on all locations over a period of a week and assisted Shared Technologies in presenting and interpreting the data for the end user.

    When reviewing the user-friendly trunking recommendations (part of each InfoPlus Traffic Study), it became immediately apparent that American Axle was spending tens of thousands of dollars per year on excess trunking facilities at each location, facilities that could easily be eliminated while preserving the highest grade of service. In addition, infoPlus stressed that the costs recovered by eliminating the excess trunking could be redirected to other areas of the customer's telecommunications budget to fund PBX hardware and software upgrades.

    Toni LaPenna, Voice Manager for American Axle and Manufacturing, immediately shared the positive results with her entire team, engaged Shared Technologies to assist in making the necessary changes and optimizing the overall network, and took a moment to share with us her feedback on the InfoPlus Traffic Study:

    "InfoPlus Traffic Studies have been extremely beneficial in helping us optimize our network. Because of the detailed analysis they provide for each of our locations, we realized a substantial cost savings by being able to eliminate trunking that is not needed as well as determine how to use what we have more efficiently. For us, network optimization has been a critical factor in controlling costs. InfoPlus Traffic Studies have helped us achieve this."

    If you would like to know more about how the InfoPlus Traffic Study can help you optimize your network and save thousands of dollars in telecommunications costs, contact us today.

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