• Need to Document your Avaya UC Environment for PCI Compliance?
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    Ensuring that your Avaya UC environment is compliant with PCI security standards can be a daunting task. PCI compliance auditing involves many moving parts, and pulling together the required technical documentation can be time-consuming, subject to human error, and downright stressful.

    Did you know that InfoPlus offers services that can reduce the time and effort required to produce documentation for PCI compliance? In fact, we can fully document and analyze key components of your Avaya ecosystem that are subject to PCI security standards - no stress required.

    Document Avaya CM with the InfoPlus SourceBook

    The InfoPlus SourceBook provides a clear and comprehensive "as-built" view of Avaya Communication Manager. It's generated using system-level configuration data, and covers everything from detailed station programming and equipment maps to user directories and in-depth call vectoring analyses. It even includes targeted action items and recommendations for system cleanup and optimization.

    Recently, a large US-based financial services company engaged InfoPlus as part of a PCI compliance audit. To support the process, InfoPlus generated a SourceBook covering the customer's main Avaya CM core and survivable locations. Here’s what the customer had to say about the SourceBook and how it helped the process:

    "The InfoPlus SourceBook is great - it presents all the Avaya CM configuration information regarding ACD agents and system programming that the PCI Compliance regulator needs to see to ensure we are adhering to their policies. Overall, it's extremely helpful to my team for meeting PCI audit requirements."

    - Telecom Administrator
    Major Financial Services Company

    If you're working through a PCI compliance audit and need an efficient way to document Avaya Communication Manager, check out the InfoPlus SourceBook. It's cost-effective, requires no additional hardware or software, and can be delivered online in as little as 24 hours.

    Security? We do that too.

    So, you've taken care of the Avaya documentation requirement, and turned the InfoPlus SourceBook over to the PCI regulator. What about security? Does your Avaya Communication Manager meet PCI compliance security guidelines? How can you determine if your system is secure against unauthorized access? More importantly, where do you start?

    For twenty years, InfoPlus has been the leader in security analysis for Avaya Communication Manager. Our Security Audit enables Avaya users to pinpoint potential areas for security risk without having to sift through mountains of raw data. It analyzes all of the core programming and highlights the specific data points that are not compliant with Avaya's best practices. These targeted action items give you the critical information you need to take corrective action and lock down your Avaya system to meet PCI guidelines.

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