• InfoPlus Security Audit for Avaya - Double the value, same price.

    Recently, our Sales team reviewed an InfoPlus Security Audit that we performed for a Fortune 500 customer and Avaya user. The countless violations uncovered in the audit showed that the customer's Avaya Communication Manager wasn't even close to being compliant with Avaya's best practices for security. Simple changes, performed during routine maintenance over time, had left the system wide open and vulnerable to hacking.

    This was a source of great concern (and embarrassment) for the partner managing the customer's Avaya voice environment.

    The InfoPlus Security Audit focuses on two categories of system programming. The first category includes Administrative elements, such as password complexity, lockout attempts and history file. The second (and more complex) category examines Operational Activity. Frequent programming changes to support business needs can unintentionally create security holes that can be uncovered by a service like the InfoPlus Security Audit. But while these operational security holes may be understandable, security holes created by sloppy administrative programming changes are not.

    Based on this experience, InfoPlus is pleased to announce an exciting limited-time promotion. For all InfoPlus Security Audits ordered before 12/31/2015, InfoPlus will perform TWO Security Audits on the same system for the price of one. This applies to Security Audits performed on Avaya Communication Manager and CS1000 platforms, and the second audit must be performed within 30 days following completion of the initial audit.


    Because having a "before and after" view will give our Avaya Business Partners the ability to identify and fix those security issues for which they are directly responsible - PRIOR to engaging the customer. After the Administrative security issues uncovered by the FIRST Security Audit have been resolved, InfoPlus will again collect the required system data and produce a second Security Audit that can be reviewed for Operational security issues with the customer directly.

    So, double the value – same cost. But remember - act fast, as this offer expires on 12/31/2015.

    For more information about engaging InfoPlus on this fantastic offer, contact our Sales Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 201-746-7200.

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